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"Aiming to be outstanding in everything we do."

Meet our Team


Head Teacher:  Mr J Budden

Deputy Head Teacher:  Mrs J Holland (Safeguarding Lead)


Classroom Teachers:

Foundation Stage:  Mrs Clent, Miss Townsend

Year 1E: Miss L Elliott (IPC Lead)

Year 1SC: Mrs A Schofield (Head of KS1), Mrs N Cleaves (SENCO)

Year 2B: Mrs S Beswick

Year 2D: Ms J Davis (Writing Lead) 

Year 3O: Miss C O'Regan (SMSC Lead)

Year 3P: Miss C Payne (R.E. Lead)

Year 4CF: Ms J Crowle (Science Lead), Mrs A Fitzgerald

Year 4P: Miss Parry (Maths Lead)

Year 5HH: Mrs I Hood (Spelling Lead), Mrs J Harwood (Music Lead)

Year 5L: Miss G Lay (IPC Lead)

Year 6: Mrs S Ross (Head of KS2), Mrs E Banfield (Reading Lead)


SENCO: Mrs N Cleaves

Intervention Teacher: Mrs H Hogan

French Language Teacher:  Mrs H Lawlor

PE Teacher: Mr K Patel


Teaching & Learning Assistants:

Foundation Stage:  Miss K Ferguson, Mrs D Hill

KS1:  Mrs S Mathysse, Mrs G Bashford, Mrs J Neill, Mrs C McLoughlin, Mrs T Roache, Mrs K Glennon, Mrs A Damany

KS2: Mrs B Hart, Ms N Bennett, Ms E Shivers,

Ms E Simmons, Mrs L Gauntlett, Mrs R Arthur, Mrs S Kirk, Ms B Dobb, Miss D Rabbatts, Mrs J Nash


Office Team:

Business and Finance Manager:  Mrs R Murphy

Senior Administration and Admission Officer:  Mrs S Williams

Administrative Officer:  Mrs F Warren


Midday Supervisors:

Senior Midday Supervisor: Miss K Meconi

Midday Supervisors: Mrs T Black, Mrs B Byrne, Mrs V Compton,

Mrs L Holmes, Miss S Hull, Mrs A Russell, Mrs J Scully,

Mrs M Vadher, Miss L Wan, Miss G Bridge, Mrs T Lawrence, Mrs T Cole, Mrs A Damany


Premises Manager: Mr N Potter


Caretakers: Mr K Marlow & Mr A Zahed