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Reading at Clare House

We love reading at Clare House and so the teachers thought it would be a great idea to share their favourite books with you so you can gain as much pleasure from them as we did. Please see them below listed by year groups.


We have also included a list of 100 books to read before you leave Primary school. How many have you read already? Could you read all of the 100 books before you finish Year 6?


These books can be read by children, shared between children and adults or read by adults to children.


Give them a try and see which ones you love best.


Of course we often read alone but you might read a book at the same time as your friends and then talk about it together. You might feel inspired to write your own book - we'd love to read it if you do. You might talk to your class about the best book you read from this list or you might know fantastic books that you would recommend that are not on this list.


We all need and love getting a recommendation for a great book - so here are some for you.


Happy reading!


Mrs Holland

100 Books to Read before leaving Primary School

Reception Reading Recommendations

Year 1 Reading Recommendations

Year 2 Reading Recommendations

Year 3 Reading Recommendations

Year 4 Reading Recommendations

Year 5 Reading Recommendations

Year 6 Reading Recommendations

Some useful questions to ask as your child reads...(KS1)

Some useful questions to ask as your child reads....(KS2)