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Our Ethos and Values


An ambitious and inspirational education enabling every child to flourish.   


Our children will develop a love of learning and the social, academic and life skills to be successful as engaged and respectful individuals who are curious about the wider world.   


Clare House is a close-knit school with a strong sense of community. We are proud of our traditions and history, while simultaneously being forward-looking and highly ambitious for every child who attends the school.


  • be safe, happy and confident and will leave the school with a love of learning and the social, academic and life skills to be successful as engaged and productive citizens of the modern world
  • have curious minds, perseverance and resilience; they will have good character and embrace new opportunities, work hard and not give up easily on challenges
  • develop excellent core skills in reading, writing and maths, as the foundations of future success. They will have a love of reading for pleasure, offering them a lifetime of knowledge, stimulation and joy far beyond their years of formal education
  • have a broad range of opportunities in the curriculum including: Philosophy for Children, specialist provision in P.E., Music and Modern Foreign Languages. All children take part in concerts and productions and we have competitive teams in a range of sports
  • know that Clare House is a school built around respect; they will have respect for all members of the school, the community and their environment. That respect is mutual and the voice of the children plays a central role in the life of the school – symbolised by our School Council 


The Governing Body sets the strategic direction of the school and has high expectations for the staff and the education and opportunities offered for every child. Parents and Carers share the school’s vision and ambition for their children’s education and make a wide-ranging contribution to the life of the school. We promote positive, open communication between parents, carers and every member of the school staff.

All the staff work to create challenging and engaging lessons and a positive learning environment for the benefit of every child.

We will always strive to be outstanding in everything we do.


  • We celebrate children’s joy of learning and life and value their safety.
  • We celebrate children who demonstrate respect and kindness to everyone in our school community, valuing diversity, inclusion and cultural difference.
  • We celebrate children with a growth mind-set, demonstrating perseverance, resilience and positivity.
  • We celebrate children who take risks in their learning, aspiring to achieve their dreams.
  • We celebrate children who are curious about the wider world and actively care for it.
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